How to get a lost password

User passwords are stored in the database only in the form of an encrypted fingerprint – that means no one has the ability to read or abuse the password. If you forget your password, you need to change it using this form that you can call by pressing “Forgot your password?”

Is it possible to cross-evaluate the questions?

Yes, cross-evaluation of questions can be done by using a filter. This can be done that you enter the question and answer according to which you want to filter the results. Therefore only the results of the questionnaires which will contain the chosen answer will be stated in the evaluation.

What is the subdomain?

The subdomain is a sub-domain of our domain. For example, on you can create a questionnaire with the subdomain “test”. This subdomain will then have the address Then your questionnaire will be displayed also at the address

Deleting of completed questionnaires

During the survey, you have the option to delete the received responses. In the list of completed questionnaires you can delete individual forms filled in.

What are the ways to view questions?

In our system you have the choice of options to display all questions at once or in sequence. You can set this option in the settings section of the selected questionnaire.

What appears when you fill in the questionnaire?

Following the completion of the questionnaire the text which you will set in “Introduction and Thanks”. You have also the option to set the redirection to a particular page after completing the questionnaire. These options can be set in the section of the selected questionnaire.